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The industrial Metaverse Is About To Be "Detonated"
Release Time:2023/3/31 Number Of Clicks:294

The 3D industrial metaverse application platform

Through the new partnership, Microsoft Azure will host two of Nvidia's new cloud products: first, OmniverseCloud Platform as a Service, which provides instant access to full-stack environments to design, develop, deploy, and manage industrial meta-universe applications; and second, NVIDIA DGXCloud, an AI supercomputing service that enables businesses to immediately access the infrastructure and software needed to train advanced models based on generating AI and other applications. In addition, the two companies combine their productivity and 3D collaboration platforms by connecting Microsoft 365 applications (such as Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint) with NVIDIA Omniverse (a platform used to build and operate 3D industrial universe applications). According to Nvidia, the partnership will accelerate the ability of companies to digitize operations, participate in industrial meta, and train advanced models for generative AI and other applications.

The industrial metaverse is of great value and is about to be "detonated"

The industrial metaverse will overturn the current economic and social structure, and different traditional industries will be reborn in the industrial universe.

In this process, the industrial metaverse mainly undertakes two important work. On the first layer, the industrial metaverse needs to strengthen the linkage between the physical world and the information world, to ensure that the information serves the physical world, to promote the industrial digital transformation, the information integration at three levels, including vertical information integration and production chain information integration, including the equipment information, industrial control system, industrial software, manufacturing, manufacturing, storage, sales involved in the information involved in the industrial industry and industrial enterprises.

It is generally believed that in the industrial field, the digital manufacturing system built by digital twin, industrial Internet, artificial intelligence and other new technologies is one of the most transparent, highly reliable and easy to operate the realization methods of the "industrial meta-universe".

This means that the industrial metaverse not only realizes the information interaction between a single field and the production line, but also achieves the information interconnection of multiple fields or multiple enterprises in the industry, so that all information can be served by multiple subjects. To realize the interaction and collaboration of multiple subjects, and to achieve theproduction purpose of real-time, precision and accuracy.

In the view of the industry, the industrial metaverse can be regarded as the "future form" of intelligent manufacturing. Through the "industrial universe" enables all links and scenes of industrial manufacturing, so that industrial enterprises can achieve the purpose of reducing costs and improving production efficiency, and realize the further upgrading of intelligent manufacturin.

The industrial metaverse universe may take digital twinning to a whole new level. Simulation testing in a metaverse environment allows industrial companies to test thousands of potential scenarios for their own ecosystems and choose the best strategies for enterprise production. In this way and prediction, enterprises can not only understand the operation of the equipment in real time, but also predict the future use results of the production equipment.

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